Here you can find sample code to implement our API.

import UIKit
import Alamofire
class IndianRailAPI: UIViewController {
    //make a closure which keeps a check on the status of data download
    typealias DonwloadComplete = () -> ()
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        self.downloadIndianRailAPIData {
            //update the UI with Parsed data here
    func downloadIndianRailAPIData(completed: @escaping DonwloadComplete){
    //Download the API related JSON and Parse it for required info here
    //API_URL to get data from
    let TRAIN_ROUTE_URL = " your api key /trainno/12723/"
    let API_URL = URL(string: TRAIN_ROUTE_URL)
    //Using the Alamofire Pod the pull the data
    Alamofire.request(API_URL!).responseJSON { (response) in
    let result = response.result
    //print the JSON data being received
    if let dict = result.value as? Dictionary
            if let train = dict["Train"] as? Dictionary
            if let trainName = train["Name"] as? String{
    //connection close when tasks complete
Contributed By : N Visakeswaran
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