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What are API keys and how can I get?

API keys are set of public and private keys which enables you to access APIs. As soon as you register on the site, you get API keys.

  • You can get your API keys by logging into your account.
  • You can refresh them whenever you want. Once refreshed, old set of keys stop working.
  • Public key is used to uniquely identify you as an user. Private key is used to generate HMAC signature.

Test account VS. Active account.

Test account is for the period when you are doing your development work.

  • Its a 100% free account.
  • This is only and only for testing your code.
  • You are restricted to use fixed inputs
  • Once you are done with your dev work, get your account activated for accessing live APIs
  • As a cleanup activity, all the Test accounts older than 3 months are deleted.
  • Active account is an paid account which comes with commercial and non-commercial plans.

Upgrading Test account to Active account.

Once you are done with the dev work and want to make your website/app live, get your account activated. Following is the process used:

  • Drop us an email confirming that you want to get your account activated. Do not forget to mention your registered email id.
  • An invoice is generated then for monthly API charges based on the account type(commercial or non-commercial) you have selected. The amount is calculated on pro-rata basis from the current date to the month end date. You will get an email once the invoice is generated.
  • Make payment of the amount mentioned in the invoice. Payment instructions are on the invoice itself. You can view all your invoices by logging into your account
  • Once paid, drop us a note with transaction reference number or screenshot at admin@indianrailapi.com.
  • Your account will be activated. You will get a confirmation mail as soon as account is activated.

How amount is calculated if my account is activated in the middle of month?

We follow calendar quarters i.e.

  • 1st Jan - 31st Jan.
  • 1st Feb - 28/29th Feb.
  • 1st Mar - 31th Sep.
  • And so on...
If you get your account activated in the middle of the month, amount is charged only for the remaining days in the month. e.g. for a commercial account,
  • Amount for the full month: INR 500/-
  • Getting account activated on: 1st Jan.
  • No of days: 31. From 1st Jan to 31th Jan (End of Month)
  • Amount: (500 / 30) * 30 = INR 500/-
  • For simplicity, we consider 30 days in each month. Amount is rounded to the nearest full rupee.

What all payment methods are accepted.

As of now we only accept

  • Paypal
  • NEFT
  • Paytm
  • Payoneer
  • PayUmoney
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • UPI
Account details etc can be found on the invocie. Soon coming with others more payment gateway for credit card payments.

Upgraded to Active account from Test account. Do I need to make any code change?

Yes. Just a one word change.

  • Change the API Key from Test account to Live account.
  • No changes in the API keys and JSON output.

Server Up Time


  • We are depend on Godaddy server and other third party for API request.
  • We are unable to resolve issue on holydays or non-working days.
  • Each plan has used different server.
  • We will resolve all issue for our users within 24-48 hrs.

Unlimited Hits

  • Do not hit more than one request from same IP within each second. [For app only.]
  • If found more than one request from same IP, Need verification for multiple request.
  • If found invalid uses, Your account fully blocked without any information.